Magnum Test-R 200


Magnum Test-R 200, an anabolic injectable steroid, manufactured by Magnum Pharmaceuticals, contains almost all esters of testosterone that are highly effective in bodybuilding and weight lifting.

Manufacturer: Magnum Pharmaceuticals,
Package: 10 ampoules (200mg/ml),
Substance: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)

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Magnum Test-R 200

Magnum Test-R 200 is basically a mixture of almost all the testosterone esters. It is basically anabolic in nature and available in injectable form. It is used for both bulking and cutting cycles which is totally dependent upon the diet that is being followed. It provides huge muscle gains due to nitrogen retention and protein synthesis.

Magnum Test-R 200 is also used for cutting cycles. It can provide some hard, qualitative and lean muscle mass with strength and endurance.

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