Magnum Bold 300


Magnum Bold 300 is manufactured by Magnum Pharmaceuticals in injectable form. It contains the substance boldenone undecylenate (Equipose). Each ml contains 300 mg of the substance. It is effective for bulking cycles.

Manufacturer: Magnum Pharmaceuticals,
Package: 10 ampoules (300mg/ml),
Substance: Boldenone undecylenate (Equipose)



Magnum Bold 300

Magnum Bold 300 is an injectable steroid that has strong anabolic properties and moderate androgenic properties. It is definitely one of the most effective steroid for the bodybuilders due to the results. It increases the appetite significantly which causes the body to gain more muscle mass in short time period. It also increases the oxygen levels in blood due to which the muscles become more strengthened.

Magnum Bold 300 is also very effective in reducing the recovery period of injuries. It provides significant endurance and power to bodybuilders. Mostly, it is used on bulking cycle.

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